IMPORTANT: Please fill out questionnaire

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Due to an order from the responsible Health Department with regard to the spreading virus variants, all individuals have to fill out the attached questionnaire in addition to the ITF registration before they are permitted on site for the first time.

Dowload questionnaire

Important information:
Any individual who has been in a high incidence or virus variant area in the past 14 days, please identify yourself at the entrance control and show a negative covid-19 test from a recognized test center not older than 24 hours.

Links to additional information

  1. Classification ris area (LINK)
  2. Test center with opening hours in Hessen (LINK)
  3. Entry Protection Ordinance Federal Republic of Germany (LINK)
  4. Link to the Entry Registration (LINK)
  5. Tests recognized prior entry to Germany (LINK)
  6. Vaccinations recognized in Europe (LINK) and therefore in Germany (LINK)

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